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Croatian One Stop Shop for Integrated Home Renovation

crOss reno Home

The goals of the crOss renoHome project are: offering a complete energy renovation solution for house owners in one place (One stop shop – OSS) with the aim of unifying the renovation process, which will ultimately lead to the intensification of renovation projects for family houses and multi-apartment buildings in Croatia, making them more energy efficient and more independent of fossil fuels while maintaining the same (or even better) interior quality and comfort.

Specific goals:


Establishment of a One Stop Shop in Zagreb based on the existing Center for Reducing Energy Poverty and upgrading of the existing One Stop Shop in Križevci.


Providing a comprehensive and standardized service to citizens for in-depth energy renovation of family houses and multi-apartment buildings.


Gathering technical, financial and legal experts on one platform to facilitate the distribution of information to interested target groups.

One stop shop (OSS) – pilot phase

The pilot phase begins with the training of 7 energy consultants who will work in OSS, and it will continue with the creation of a business plan, standardized contracts, the opening of an exhibition space (showcase of innovative technologies) and will end with the establishment of a market. OSS will work in three operational models (packages of services). All these steps will be integrated as service packages in order to simplify the user’s journey compared to existing approaches – in which citizens had to go through the entire process themselves – (searching for energy consultants, construction experts, suppliers and banks), but also citizens who would like to apply for public calls for subsidizing energy renovation and installation of RES systems.

Main activities:

• preparation of a standardized contract for the renovation of family houses and multi-apartment buildings
• formation of a business model for the establishment of OSS
• formation of a market through an online platform that connects and supports different stakeholders in the renovation process (home owners, business sector, financial sector).
• creation of a communication strategy; creation of promotional and informative material; dissemination of project results through various communication channels.


1. KLIK, ENERGETSKA ZADRUGA – Križevci, Hrvatska


48 months (1.10.2023. – 30.09.2027.)

The role of DOOR:

Leading Beneficiary


919.017,65 EUR

Source of funding:

LIFE2027, LIFE-2022-CET-crOssrenoHome


This project has received funding from the European Union’s CINEA.D – Natural resources, climate, sustainable blue economy, and clean energy D.1 – LIFE Energy + LIFE Climate, Grant agreement No 101120096

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the Society for designing sustainable development only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or [CINEA]. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.