CrOss renoHome in action – OSS Zagreb and Križevci: We provided advice and prepared documentation for citizens regarding the ‘Public Call for Energy Renovation of Family Homes in 2024 

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund continues to finance renewable energy projects in 2024. Within the Family Home Energy Renovation Program worth €120 million, citizens plan to invest funds in better thermal insulation, efficient joinery, and renewable energy utilization systems, including micro-solar.

The call consisted of four main measures:

  • A1: Increasing thermal protection of heated space’s external envelope
  • A2: Installation of renewable energy utilization systems for thermal or thermal and cooling energy production
  • A3: Installation of new photovoltaic power plants for electricity production for own consumption
  • A4: Establishment of new infrastructure for electric vehicle charging

The main eligibility criteria for the call were:

  • For a house to be eligible for co-financing, more than 50% of the area must be used for residential purposes.
  • The house must have up to 600 m2 of gross floor area or a maximum of 3 residential units.
  • In addition, a supplement of technical conditions was published, which applied to all four measures, as well as mandatory content of power of attorney that citizens could use to authorize another person to submit an application on their behalf.

According to preliminary data released by the Fund, 11,926 applications were received, mostly from the areas of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Osijek. The average amount of requested funds was €12,200. By activities, there were 2,238 applications for activity A1, 5,097 for activity A2, and 4,591 for activity A3. The call was open for 28 hours.

As part of the crOss renoHome project in 2024, 44 citizens were advised at the Energy and Climate Office of the cooperative KLIK. A total of 17 citizens went through the entire process from consultation to designing and applying for photovoltaic power plants. There were 37 participants at the workshop in January.

DOOR, as the project coordinator, held a workshop in February 2024, attended by 13 citizens with prepared documentation for application. So far, 10 citizens have sought consultation, and 16 citizens have used assistance services for application within the crOss renoHome project for co-financing the energy renovation of family homes.